Welcome to Digital Flow Technologies, Inc. DFTI operates in close contact with the Turbulent Shear Flows Lab at Michigan State University. Our primary focus is the development of test equipment for the measurement and characterization of fluid flows.

The longest running of our projects is the Pulse Width Modulated - Constant Temperature Anemometer. This device can operate up to 18 hotwires at once while sending realtime data back to the controlling PC.

More recent projects include the Thermal Transient Anemometer which was designed to measure both the temperature and avarage air flow through 32 "cells" at the downstream face of a radiator. The TTA uses a multi-x array of tungsten sensor wires to measure the ambient temperature and the spatially averaged velocity in each cell. The frame that defines these cells presents minimal blockage to the airl fow.

More details one the above devices can be found on the PWM-CTA and TTA pages of this site.